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The Bitnami Stack for Matomo provides a one-click install solution for Matomo. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Matomo server in the cloud.

Downloaded nearly 2 million times, Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is an open source web analytics platform that can help you understand the activity on your website. Matomo has a customizable dashboard, a clean and logical layout, beautiful charts, and includes the kinds of tracking you’d expect: real-time data updates, goal conversion and tracking, site search, event tracking, page overlay and more.

Why use the Bitnami Stack for Matomo?

Bitnami makes it easy to run Matomo in the cloud, locally or virtually. The Bitnami Stack for Matomo is:

  • Up-to-date

    We track every release of Matomo and update our stack shortly after it's released.

  • Secure

    If serious security issues are discovered, we provide new versions of Matomo as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

  • Consistent

    With Bitnami, you get the same software stack and configuration regardless of where you are deploying Matomo or other Bitnami Applications. This makes it easy to migrate between different platforms.

With the Bitnami Stack for Matomo compiling, configuring and all of its dependencies are taken care of, so it works out-of-the-box.

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  1. Bitnami for Matomo 5

    Fast, Simple, Cheap, Working

    by Deniz Kesmen on

    After a short evaluation (45 minutes for setup and try out [accuont in bitnami and aws were already existing]) we got it run! Simpler is not necessary. Thank you very much.

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  2. Bitnami for Matomo 4

    Error during installation

    by Constantinos Roussou on

    You will probably get an error during the installation on Linux, when running the installer file. It's basically about a missing Perl plugin, so you should likely install it in advance.

    Tested under CentOS 7

    yum install "perl(Data::Dumper)"

    Other than that, everything just works smoothly out-of-the-box.

    Thank you guys, maybe you can add that Perl missing plugin in the installer itself.

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