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You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ.

  • VMware Virtual Machines

    Ubuntu 14.04

    Version Size Checksum
    MEAN 3.0.2-0 (64-bit) 366 MB show
    MD5: 5b51390c1a5bedc1a2208809ab089194
    SHA1: 130016a2b9ddea8ffab6730ee323e01415bfa98e
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    MEAN 2.6.9-0 (64-bit) 439 MB show
    MD5: d84005e2fbe50e5df09747bfa6fdcedd
    SHA1: 4b78cddb53e40a008b8a217c8d0cea824ff67b5c
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    If you are using VMware ESX, ESXi or VirtualBox, check our article on how to start Bitnami virtual appliances.

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