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You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ for VMware or Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ for VirtualBox

  • Virtual Machines compatible with Oracle VirtualBox and VMware vSphere, Workstation, and Fusion

    Ubuntu 14.04

    Version Size Checksum
    Ruby 2.3.1-5 (64-bit) 627 MB show
    MD5: 8fa2c7dc5642166880bffe6e58df10b8
    SHA1: 6207b6b4575a61ee424329e62e1a3680acef5c30
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    Ruby 2.2.5-5 (64-bit) 627 MB show
    MD5: 510b22833b4e5014dceb479cd6534696
    SHA1: f060fb86fadd52be8726a91175f7c8297c9a5c75
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    Ruby 2.1.10-6 (64-bit) 626 MB show
    MD5: c8284656632ed230fc89a79754697d1c
    SHA1: c00e664f6493660b234e1e29e56f965ea85cee51
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    Ruby 2.1.10-5 (64-bit) 626 MB show
    MD5: d9f9c891a9e641d62b6bca98cb16d19e
    SHA1: 7e7900abe48adaf1998920d2fcb852daeeb4672e
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