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The Bitnami Enterprise Catalog is a collection of certified Open Source applications and infrastructure components that you need to run your business. Continuously delivered and maintained, they are designed for you to customize with your ops and security best practices and be deployed to popular cloud platforms and Kubernetes.

Save Time with a Solid Foundation

Jump start delivering the applications your internal users need by leveraging Bitnami’s trusted, certified solutions. Each is from a trusted source, scanned for vulnerabilities, pre-integrated with best-of-breed cloud services, tested, and published as deploy-ready applications directly to your own trusted, private repositories.

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Customizable to Your Specifications

The Bitnami Enterprise Catalog applications and infrastructure components are delivered directly to your private image repositories and are customizable. Add your own OS hardening, configuration best practices and operational agents. Customizations are continuously applied as new versions of open source components are released, freeing your teams from the tedious work of monitoring and testing many open source projects.

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Continuously Maintained as-a-Service

Bitnami tracks hundreds of upstream public open source projects, repositories, CVE lists and package mirrors for updates and vulnerabilities ensuring your content is continuously refreshed with the latest software and includes the latest security updates.

In addition, Bitnami can track your private sources of customizations; any change you make to your configurations will automatically refresh your Bitnami Enterprise Catalog with an updated version.

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Backed by Bitnami Support

Bitnami provides continuous updates as part of your Enterprise Catalog subscription. Got a question about one of the projects in our solutions? Priority email support is also included.

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Secure Your Software Supply Chain

Certified by Bitnami comes with evidence. Bitnami provides your security team with a software bill of materials so they know exactly what’s inside. We include build and customization logs, a manifest of included components and their provenance, and any scan and test results.

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Targeted Solution Packs Available

Allow developers and end-users to focus on their project or application with a selection of the best-in-class Open Source tools. Deliver relevant applications to the users that need them with one of our solution packs for Dev Tools; Infrastructure Components; or AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications.

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Cloud Proven

Bitnami is uniquely positioned to tailor open source solutions for use on each public cloud. Using deep expertise gained through years of partnerships with every major public cloud, Bitnami applies best practices in images and templates to make sure they are well architected and implement common operating best practices.

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Our Most Popular Use Cases

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Restock Enterprise Service Catalogs

Continuously restock your internal service catalog with the latest updated software.

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Addresses DevSecOps concerns by optimizing for speed and security

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Application Development Optimization

Focus on business value, not maintaining open source projects and their supporting libraries and utilities.

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Adopt Kubernetes Today

Get real value from your Kubernetes investments today by delivering applications that your teams need, with just a few keystrokes.

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