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The Bitnami Enterprise Catalog is a collection of Open Source applications and components that you need to run your business. They are continuously delivered, maintained, and updated so you can rely on them; and certified secure so you can trust them. The Bitnami Enterprise Catalog is designed with customization in mind and ready to be deployed across multiple platforms.

Save Time with a Solid Foundation

Jump start your team’s adoption of Open Source by providing them with solid foundations to build upon. Each Bitnami Enterprise Catalog application and component is built from a trusted source, scanned for vulnerabilities, pre-integrated with best-of-breed cloud services, tested for functionality, and published ‘deploy-ready’ directly to your own private repositories.

Bitnami Certified containers for Kafka

Designed to be Customized

The applications and components in the Bitnami Enterprise Catalog are delivered directly to your private repositories, ready to be tuned, and customized for your business. Add your OS hardening, configuration best practices, operational agents, and more. The customizations are continuously applied as new versions and updates are released, freeing your teams from the tedious work of monitoring and testing all the numerous dependencies.

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Continuously Maintained as-a-Service

Bitnami continuously tracks hundreds of upstream projects, repositories, CVE lists, and package mirrors for updates and vulnerabilities; always ensuring your applications and components are kept updated to the latest versions and incorporate the latest security patches.

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Backed by Bitnami Support

As part of your Bitnami Enterprise Catalog subscription we provide detailed documentation, SLAs, and priority multi-channel support. When your team has questions about the Open Source applications and components to which you’ve subscribed, you now have a place to point them.

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Secure Your Software Supply Chain

Certified by Bitnami means Bitnami has done the work to ensure you can be confident with what you put into production. Bitnami provides your team with a software bill of materials so they know exactly what’s inside every application and component. This bill of materials includes build and customization logs, a manifest of all included components, their provenance, scan results, and verification tests.

Redis Solution

Targeted Solution Packs Available

Speed up innovation and project delivery by providing the relevant applications and components your users need with a Bitnami Solution Pack - a pre-selected set of best-in-class Open Source tools. Packs include: Developer Tools; Infrastructure Foundations; and AI/ML and Deep Learning.

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Proven Experience

Bitnami is uniquely positioned to offer Bitnami Enterprise Catalog, which is based on deep expertise gained through years of partnership with every major public cloud provider, acting as their primary supplier of Open Source software. Bitnami Marketplace applications and components are installed over a million times per month.

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Our Most Popular Use Cases

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Keep Service Catalogs Fresh

Bitnami continuously maintains, updates, and secures the applications and components in your internal service catalog.

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Transform DevOps into DevSecOps

With Bitnami, address areas where your development, security and operations teams can make mutual improvements to their processes and controls.

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Application Development Optimization

Let Bitnami tracking your open source projects, their dependencies, supporting libraries, etc., so your teams can focus on business; delivering differentiation, new products, and innovation.

Discuss Your Catalog Requirements with Bitnami

If your enterprise has a need for the Bitnami Enterprise Catalog, please reach out to us here.