Kubeapps and Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime

The Perfect Toolset for Operating Production Workloads on Kubernetes Clusters

Deploy trusted applications in a high-availability production cluster with Kubeapps and Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime (BKPR)

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Production-level infrastructure services

Install a vendor-neutral set of Kubernetes services for production workloads in Kubernetes using BKPR: logging, monitoring, and HTTP ingress.

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Fill the gap

Get your newly deployed empty Kubernetes cluster ready for production easily with BKPR.

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Trusted Applications for your Users

Deploy applications in your cluster using the Kubeapps built-in catalog, or replace it with your own chart repository.

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A Web-Based UI for Kubernetes applications

Deploy and manage applications in your Kubernetes cluster with Kubeapps from a single user interface.

How Kubeapps and BKPR Combine to Give you a Seamless Kubernetes-Production Experience

General overview of the Bitnami Software Development Pipeline - Kubernetes Projects


  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Graphana
  • Logging with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Fluentd
  • HTTPS ingress with Nginx, ExternalDNS, Cert-Manager and oauth2_proxy
  • Available for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

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  • Deploy apps from public or private chart repositories
  • Limit access according to the RBAC Objects defined in your charts
  • Upgrade, manage, and delete deployed applications from a single UI
  • Provision external services and available service brokers in Kubernetes

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Bitnami maintains a set of updated and tested charts approved by the community

Bitnami Helm charts are ready to be deployed on Bitnami Kubernetes Production Runtime. Get production-level infrastructure services for your cluster: logging, monitoring, and HTTP ingress. Browse them in the Kubeapps Catalog or clone the repository to deploy them on your Kubernetes cluster.

Deploy Bitnami charts in your cluster