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Gallery is no longer maintained. You can download Coppermine or evaluate other solutions in the Photo Sharing Category

The Bitnami Gallery Stack provides a one-click install solution for Gallery. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Gallery server in the cloud.

Gallery is a photo management tool that can be easily integrated with a website. Features include multiple ways to organize and display photos, watermarking, tagging, search and more. There is now a mobile app for Gallery that allows you to manage your photos on the go.

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  1. Bitnami Gallery 4

    Excellent Photo Solution

    by Dailen Gunter on

    I've been on the constant lookout for a photo management/retention/gallery "method" for a number of years and Gallery has always been my favorite. Can't always depend on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, etc. but Gallery is rock solid. While you would think it wouldn't be a fair comparison to social alternatives, it's actually much better because it's hosted I can take it wherever I want and design it however I want and don't have to worry about it disappearing or becoming unpopular and having to repost my stuff on some other website or network and starting over.


    1) As much space as I want since a lot of shared hosting solutions offer unlimited space (they care mostly about traffic)

    2) Goes with me to whatever domain I want, a good FTP and SQL backup means, I won't have to resetup anything ever again

    3) Versatile. The plugins are extraordinary and very flexible, amazing how much stuff you can do.

    4) My site, my design. Show them how I want.

    5) Secure, keep my private photos in the same place as my public photos and know who can see what.


    1) Plugins may go years without ever being updated, good news is that surprisingly they seem to continue to work even as Gallery gets updated

    2) Moving from server to server can take a **REALLY** long time because of how many files there are for the application (not including pictures!). **HINT** MOVE USING SSH/SHELL

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  2. Bitnami Gallery 1

    Gallery website says the project is shuttered.

    by Jeff Sepeta on

    If the creators of the tool are no longer around to maintain the tool, i'd be wary of deploying it.

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