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The Bitnami Ghost Stack provides a one-click install solution for Ghost. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Ghost server in the cloud.

If you find blogging software too complex, you might be a good candidate to try Ghost. This open source project was started to make blogging fun again, put content front-and-center, and make it easy to build beautiful blogs that work on every device. First released in 2013, Ghost is built on Node.js and is extremely easy to configure and customize. Deploy Ghost with Bitnami, then blog about how easy and awesome it was!

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  1. Bitnami Ghost 5

    Elegant and easy to get started

    by Fred Kelly on

    I recently installed Ghost for a friend having heard about the project on Kickstarter. The administration interface is refreshingly simple and satisfying to use, I can write articles in markdown and know for sure that they will render perfectly for visitors. The platform is extremely flexible; almost anything can be changed, for example I was able to customize the theme to my heart's content just by altering HTML and using the straightforward Handlebars template library. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a simple alternative to WordPress etc. that is really quick to get up and running with!

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