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The Bitnami Kong Stack provides a one-click install solution for Kong. Run your own Kong server in the cloud.

Kong is a scalable, open source API layer (aka API gateway or API middleware) that runs in front of any RESTful API. Extra functionalities beyond the core platform are extended through plugins. Kong is built on top of reliable technologies like NGINX and provides an easy-to-use RESTful API to operate and configure the system.

If you’re building for web, mobile or IoT (Internet of Things) you will likely end up needing common functionality on top of your actual software. Kong can help by acting as a gateway for HTTP requests while providing logging, authentication, rate-limiting, and more through plugins.

More on Kong

Kong was originally built at Mashape to secure, manage, and extend over 15,000 APIs and microservices for its API Marketplace, which generates billions of requests per month for over 250,000 developers. Today, Kong is used in mission critical deployments at small and large organizations.

Scalable: Kong easily scales horizontally by simply adding more machines, meaning your platform can handle virtually any load while keeping latency low.
Modular: Kong can be extended by adding new plugins, which are easily configured through a RESTful Admin API.
Runs on any infrastructure: Kong runs anywhere. You can deploy Kong in the cloud or on-premise environments, including single or multi-datacenter setups and for public, private or invite-only APIs.

Key features of Kong include

  • OAuth2.0, JWT, HMAC, Basic, Key.
  • Logging over HTTP, TCP, UDP or to disk.
  • ACL, IP-restriction, SSL, CORS, Bot Detection.
  • Response Rate Limiting, Request Rate Limiting.
  • API Analytics: Visualize, Inspect and Monitor API traffic with Galileo.
  • Developer Portal: With Gelato integration, build beautiful portals.
  • Transformations: Add, remove or manipulate HTTP requests and responses.

Why use the Bitnami Kong Stack?

Bitnami makes it easy to run Kong in the cloud or locally. The Bitnami Kong Stack is:

  • Up-to-date

    We track every release of Kong and update our stack shortly after it's released.

  • Secure

    If serious security issues are discovered, we provide new versions of Kong as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

  • Consistent

    With Bitnami, you get the same software stack and configuration regardless of where you are deploying Kong or other Bitnami Applications. This makes it easy to migrate between different platforms.

With the Bitnami Kong Stack compiling, configuring and all of its dependencies are taken care of, so it works out-of-the-box.

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