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The Bitnami Noalyss Stack provides a one-click install solution for Noalyss. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Noalyss server in the cloud.

Formerly known as PhpCompta, NOALYSS is an ERP system that includes a double-entry accounting system adapted to Belgian and French accounting practices. Features include account monitoring, a shared calendar, stock management, tax returns, forecasting, electronic transmission of documents and more.

Please note that the Noalyss Installer is in English, but the application itself is only in French.

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  1. Bitnami Noalyss 5

    For 2 years as an Belgian Accountant.

    by Marc Allington on

    This software is complete, stable (very stable compared to Winbooks) and strong. User friendly : for example, the booking of invoices is made through easy to use and understand cards (which you create yourself) instead of accounts.

    It is a multi-lingual software (French, Dutch and English).

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  2. Bitnami Noalyss 2

    French only-Server Installs- Support for (en)?

    by A B on

    IF you speak French, Need an Accounting package for France or Belgium, this may help you.

    If you think that this will be translated to any other language, its not ready for prime time.

    While the Installer ,and the process is straightforward Bitnami with PostgresSQL, It does not fire up the English files (if there are even translations).

    Lets face it, whether you count in Euros, Yen, or Dollars, the PROCESS of Accounting is similar around the world.

    Why devs don't consider this is another question for another day.

    Installation went smooth, but the application (so far) only speaks french.

    (Perhaps an english translation of the fields is another project).

    Its a good start. When Ver 10.x.x has fields in en and understands non mozilla Firefox UserString, then it may get wider acceptance.

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