Package and maintain your applications with Bitnami Stacksmith

Modernize your DevOps pipeline by automating application packaging for today's cloud and container platforms and continuously maintaining them to ensure they stay up-to-date and secure.

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General overview about how Stacksmith improves your development cycle. Stacksmith automates the packaging of your application and helps you to maintain it. It also notifies you whenever a new security issue that affects to your stack appears

Package your Applications for the Cloud

Cloud platform know-how is built into the tooling, templates, and automation that Stacksmith uses to package and optimize your applications. Stacksmith delivers everything you will need to successfully deploy to whichever platform you choose.

Automate Ongoing Maintenance

Once your application is running, how will you keep it up-to-date and secure? Stacksmith continuously monitors trusted sites for new releases and security updates for your application's components, provides alerts when available, and offers a simple re-packaging process.

How does Stacksmith work?

You provide your application code and scripts, select a few parameters, and hit create. Stacksmith pulls together the dependencies, documents and packages them, and delivers everything you need to deploy your application to your chosen cloud platform - the VM or container image and the deployment template. Deploy and utilize native cloud services that are now available to you!

Stacksmith then delivers ongoing value by continuously monitoring the dependencies, alerting you when updates become available, and providing a simple way to re-package the application.

Templates encode best practices so you don't need to be an expert, and support for multiple platforms and formats means you can explore new technologies at your own pace and don't have to worry about vendor lock-in.

Stacksmith can be used to package and maintain new or existing applications, and can be used on its own or integrated with the development tools and processes you already use.


  • Stacksmith is available as an annual subscription. Pricing is based on the number of applications you package and maintain. Contact us for a personalized offer
  • No charge test / evaluation accounts are available using your cloud account during the free trial.

Supported platforms

VM platforms

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

Container build platforms

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

Container deployment platforms

Any Kubernetes certified cluster, cloud-based or datacenter based

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Stacksmith leverages and extends Bitnami's proven automated packaging and deployment platform for:

Enterprise Developers

Accelerate development and deployment of internal software projects into the cloud

System Integrators

Help your enterprise customers by automating the migration of custom applications to any platform

Cloud Marketplaces

Simplify onboarding and management of third-party ISV app offerings

What is Stacksmith used for?

Bitnami Stacksmith is the simplest way to package your existing applications for deployment to today's cloud and container platforms, and automate the ongoing maintenance of these applications so they remain up-to-date and secure.

While there are many places where Stacksmith can provide benefits to your organization, we have identified the following primary use cases: cloud migration, application delivery and maintenance; and cloud service catalogs.

Bitnami Resources

Stacksmith Introduction Video

Our Head of Customer Success shows you how simple the migrating and maintenance of your applications can be with a demo and use cases of Stacksmith. Check out the video to learn more!

White paper

Learn more about Bitnami's approach to automating the migration of your enterprise applications to the cloud. Download the Whitepaper "Optimizing Applications for Cloud Migration"


Stacksmith Data Sheet

This 1 page overview covers what Stacksmith is, how it works, and how it can help you modernize your DevOps pipeline.


Stacksmith benefits

Stacksmith lets you modernize your DevOps pipeline for the cloud. It frees up valuable IT resources by automating the manual tasks associated with application packaging and application updating, and optimizes your applications to run on the latest cloud and container platforms - without having to re-write the application code!

Stacksmith also lets you package your applications for multiple platforms, providing ultimate flexibility, and gives your applications access to powerful cloud services they cannot access today.

Try Stacksmith now! Get your free 30 day trial!

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