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Migrate your Applications to the Cloud

Bitnami Stacksmith simplifies the migration of traditional applications by automating the manual tasks required to package, deploy and maintain software stacks for all major container and cloud platforms. Now your company can leverage the automation platform that powers thousands of package builds and updates for the Amazon, Azure, Google and Oracle cloud marketplaces to ensure your applications are optimized for the cloud platform(s) you choose.

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Stacksmith delivers Bitnami's proven automated application packaging technology for your company to:

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Why Bitnami Stacksmith?

Bitnami Stacksmith is the simplest and most comprehensive way to migrate your internal applications to the cloud. The market is loaded with basic tools that can package software as virtual machines or containers. While that may allow you to shift these applications out of your data center to a cloud platform, it doesn't enable you to gain cloud benefits. Stacksmith gives you so much more. It allows you to modernize your applications and optimize them for deployment to any of the major container or cloud platforms, so you can realize cloud benefits without having to re-architect your applications.

Stacksmith leverages and extends Bitnami's proven automated packaging and deployment platform for:

Enterprise Developers

Accelerate development and deployment of internal software projects into the cloud

System Integrators

Help your enterprise customers by automating the migration of custom applications to any platform

Cloud Marketplaces

Simplify onboarding and management of third-party ISV app offerings

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Bitnami Resources

Stacksmith Introduction Video

Our Head of Customer Success shows you how simple the migrating and maintenance of your applications can be with a demo and use cases of Stacksmith. Check out the video to learn more!

Demo Video

See Stacksmith in action in this quick demo video that walks through the simple steps to package and deploy an enterprise application.

White paper

Learn more about Bitnami's approach to automating the migration of your enterprise applications to the cloud. Download the Whitepaper "Optimizing Applications for Cloud Migration"


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