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Package and Maintain your Open Source Applications - for Free

Take Application Packaging to the Next Level

Stacksmith Public automates the tasks associated with packaging and maintaining your applications for multiple cloud and container platforms.

Develop Awesome Apps

Focus on what you love: new feature development

Stacksmith provides reference architecture templates, and brings platform knowledge, best practices and industry standards to an automated packaging process. Developers don’t need to be platform experts, they can focus on what’s really important: writing the best code.

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Package for Multiple Targets

No need to rewrite your application code as cloud or container native

Stacksmith delivers deploy-ready, cloud-native assets in multiple formats for multiple platforms. Forget vendor lock-in and package your application for deployment on multiple platforms with a single process.

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Forget Manual Updates

Minimize the time spent in searching for components updates, tracking CVEs or security patches

Stacksmith handles ongoing maintenance. It monitors trusted sources for the latest updates of your application components and vulnerabilities, provides alerts, and makes it easy to keep your application updated and secure.

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Start Using Stacksmith Public Today

Package, deploy, and maintain your Open Source projects and applications with Stacksmith Public. Stacksmith Public is a free service; you will only be charged by your cloud provider for any infrastructure costs associated with use of your cloud account.

Do you have larger projects? Click here and check out other available Stacksmith tiers that might better suits your needs.

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Stacksmith Public Resources

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Stacksmith Evaluator Guide

Download the Stacksmith Evaluator Guide for a step-by-step getting started example.

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Use a Git repository to package your application with Stacksmith

Learn how to use a public Git repository for packaging your application with Stacksmith. Read more.

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Fork ready example apps for Stacksmith

Use these ready to fork repositories of the most popular applications to get started with Stacksmith. Clone them or upload the scripts directly from the Git repository.