VMware Tanzu Application Catalog

Open Source Containers for Enterprise

Custom catalog of open source containers

Bitnami is now part of VMware.

Tanzu Application Catalog is a customizable selection of open source software from the Bitnami collection that is continuously maintained and verifiably tested for use in production environments.

Tanzu Application Catalog gives developers the productivity and agility of prepackaged apps and components, while enabling operators to meet the stringent security and transparency requirements of enterprise IT.

Streamline development with a continuously maintained catalog of open source components and applications:

Choose Your Software

Choose open source software from the Bitnami library that you want to use in production: from components like runtimes and databases to turnkey apps like content management and developer productivity tools.

Specify Your Operating System

Tanzu Application Catalog supports golden images with your preferred specifications, agents, and settings. Upload your standard OS image, and Tanzu Application Catalog will build and test your containers on top of it. Don’t have a golden image? No problem—use our secure base OS.

Deploy With Confidence

Let Bitnami automation continuously update your app catalog. This way, you’re always deploying the most performant and secure stack. Easily audit source code, code provenance, licenses, test results, and security scans for the open source libraries and binaries in your catalog.

Our Most Popular Use Cases

Keep Open Source Containers Patched and Current

Standardize open source software across your organization on a catalog that’s consistently updated by known and trusted sources.

Transform DevOps Into DevSecOps

Bring developers, security, and operations together to automate critical processes and controls.

Improve Developer Productivity

Enable developers to focus on innovation by automating patches, upgrades, and dependency management.

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