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The Bitnami Gitlab Stack provides a one-click install solution for GitLab. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own GitLab server in the cloud.

The GitLab open source edition, available from Bitnami, is a developer tool that allows users to collaborate on code, create new projects, manage repositories, and perform code reviews. When using GitLab, users can keep their code on their own servers, either in the cloud or on-premise. For additional peace of mind, the free community edition even features enterprise-grade features such as a mature user permissions scheme and support for high availability. Bitnami GitLab is bundled with GitLab CI, a continuous integration server. Just point your projects at the CI server and automate all your tests.

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  1. Bitnami Gitlab 5

    Awesome and ready to use

    by Puneet Singhal on

    I was pretty much familiar with github when started using gitlab. I wished to host all my projects on local end rather than purchasing private repos on github. Believe GITLAB is the best solution for people who want to use version control system with nice GUI at their local-end. Hats-off to bitnami team.

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  2. Bitnami Gitlab 5

    Power of Github in my hand

    by Gagan M M on

    I always loved the way Github helped me manage my projects efficiently. I always wanted to use all those features hosted on my own server. GitLab is just the perfect version control tool i would ever need. Apart from almost all the features available on Github, other features like LDAP, CI, etc are very useful and makes me more productive. It just works so great ! I really want to thank GitLab authors and Bitnami for facilitating this.

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  3. Bitnami Gitlab 5

    My own, full featured, beautifully polished GitHub

    by Marko Bonaci on

    I deployed the VM and had everything working in minutes, with zero configuration (except the necessary stuff: host name and e-mail server).

    You can hook it up to your LDAP and avoid e-mail registrations all together.

    Congrats and big thanks to GitLab authors.

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  4. Bitnami Gitlab 5

    Great collaborative tool

    by Jean Desbiens on

    I was looking for a git environment with great collaborative tools like github and found gitlab to be just that. Bitnami package allowed me to be up and running in minutes... Amazing! Easy to setup, configure and use. The instructions are clear and easy to follow event in the bitnami setup. I particularly liked the integration of the wiki and of the issues modules.

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  5. Bitnami Gitlab 5

    GitLab is a great Thing

    by matthew rhodes on

    By far the best Git based system out. I love it will all my heart. I don't think I can make the switch from github just yet though because of the changes I would have to get used too. Although great some features from github are not incorporated and I need those features to inform my community about the my projects. However something I do love is that I can host my own CI server which is something github doesn't have! Oh And I forgot to mention that It's 100% FREE!

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