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The Bitnami Redmine Stack provides a one-click install solution for Redmine. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Redmine server in the cloud.

Redmine is a very popular Rails-based open source bug tracker to help you manage issues and tasks for multiple projects. It is extremely flexible, features a built-in wiki, time tracking, custom fields, role-based access, SCM integration (including git), and support for multiple projects. Redmine has many of the same features you’d find in an enterprise bug tracking system, but of course it’s open source and completely free software. Redmine has a clean interface that makes it easy to define your first project and get started.

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Redmine will also integrate with a version control tool so that development and project management workflows can be tightly connected with each other. The Bitnami Redmine Stack comes with Subversion already installed and configured.

Key features of Redmine include

  • Add users and roles.
  • Add and track issues (or have your team do it).
  • Plan and manage your project with Redmine's built-in Gantt charts and calendar.
  • Use the project wiki and document manager to store project documents.
  • Configure notifications to stay updated on issue status and changes.
  • Define workflows to streamline collaboration with your team.

Why use the Bitnami Redmine Stack?

Bitnami makes it easy to run Redmine in the cloud, locally or virtually. The Bitnami Redmine Stack is:

  • Up-to-date

    We track every release of Redmine and update our stack shortly after it's released.

  • Secure

    If serious security issues are discovered, we provide new versions of Redmine as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

  • Consistent

    With Bitnami, you get the same software stack and configuration regardless of where you are deploying Redmine or other Bitnami Applications. This makes it easy to migrate between different platforms.

With the Bitnami Redmine Stack compiling, configuring and all of its dependencies are taken care of, so it works out-of-the-box.

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  1. Bitnami Redmine 5

    2 years user

    by Guilherme Wosny on

    Changed the way my comany manages its workflow. It is not lean, but is perfect for its porpouse. Reports, forms, permissions, easy, email triggers is very helpfull.

    4 out of 4 people found this helpful.

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  2. Bitnami Redmine 2

    My Experience in Redmine

    by Babu Jayaram on

    When i install the Redmine for the first time i don't have any problem, but when i reinstall it again i face lot of issues in reinstalling the Redmine.

    3 out of 11 people found this helpful.

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  3. Bitnami Redmine 4

    Need Git Integration Pre-installed

    by Jamie Schmidt on

    I've used this for years and love it, however, I prefer to use GIT over SVN. I tried to follow instructions (some time ago now) to install and integrate git without success. I'd be a huge benefit to the community to have GIT pre-installed / configured.

    23 out of 25 people found this helpful.

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  4. Bitnami Redmine 5

    Excellent but need Oracle/MSSQL database

    by Ami Desai on

    Redmine stack provided is absolutely buttery smooth setup process which even i can now do without seeing on screen!

    Bitnami you made my life much easier.

    But i would request to please provide Redmine stack for MSSQL/Oracle Database apart from MYSQL database.

    4 out of 6 people found this helpful.

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  5. Bitnami Redmine 4

    Redmine is a free and open source

    by Baganaa Puujee on

    Redmine is a free and open source, web-based project management and issue tracking tool. It handles multiple projects and subprojects.

    3 out of 4 people found this helpful.

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