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The Bitnami ownCloud Stack provides a one-click install solution for ownCloud. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own ownCloud server in the cloud.

ownCloud is a personal productivity powerhouse. It gives you universal access to all your files, contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all of your devices. Unlike many of the shared repository services out there, with ownCloud, you have your own, private repo. However, just like the public repo companies, with ownCloud you can share your files with friends and co-workers. If you need it, ownCloud even integrates with other storage providers. Best of all, ownCloud is open source and free!

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  1. Bitnami ownCloud 4

    Great package for Mac OSX

    by Ujjwal Patil on


    This is very well packaged for Mac distribution. I have tried and works fine, given that there is official issue reported with unicode with owncloud 7. However, I could not install additional applications with bitnami owncloud. How this will be added soon.

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  2. Bitnami ownCloud 5

    The address problem when using the client

    by Yantao Xie on

    After open the ownCloud client firstly, the wizard require input the ownClound address. At first, I input, failed. With some searching and thinking, I replaced with, it's OK.

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