Security notification: OpenSSL OCSP Status Request Extension Unbounded Memory Growth (CVE-2016-6304)

[UPDATE 2016-09-26] The OpenSSL team announced the release of version 1.0.2j, which patches a missing CRL sanity check issue affecting only version 1.0.2i. As a result any attempt to use CRLs in OpenSSL 1.0.2i will crash with a null pointer exception. (CVE-2016-7052) To update to the new OpenSSL version, please follow the instructions in our documentation system.  The Bitnami Team will continue working on updating the Cloud Images, Virtual Machines and Native Inst... Read more

September 22, 2016

Shopware Community Edition now in Bitnami!

We are pleased to announce that our newest software partner Shopware's Community Edition (CE) is now available in Bitnami! Shopware is one of the world’s leading e-commerce applications, with over 54,000 storefronts for a wide variety of businesses. Shopware Community Edition (CE) enables even the smallest company to have a sophisticated e-commerce presence, while still being powerful and scalable enough to be relied upon by some of the world’s most recognizable brands. No &nbs... Read more

September 22, 2016

Backendless Pro Now Available in Bitnami

Backendless, the API management platform and Mobile Backend as a Service we all know and love, has now released a major update called Backendless Pro! Available immediately in Bitnami, this new iteration of the popular Middleware application will also be coming soon to the AWS Marketplace. Backendless has been a valued partner with Bitnami for over a year, and in that time has gone through an extraordinary transformation into a product that is now a more scalable, reliable, and intuitive way... Read more

September 19, 2016

Kong Now Available in Google Cloud Platform

Bitnami is excited to announce that we have partnered with Mashape and Google to package Kong for Google Cloud Platform! Now you can launch and scale your Kong instance in minutes through the Google Cloud Launcher or the Bitnami Launchpad for Google Cloud Platform. Powerful Functionality for Your Software Mashape’s Kong platform is a popular open source, scalable API gateway and microservices management layer that helps add common functionality on top of your web, mobile, or IoT applicatio... Read more

September 15, 2016

Announcing Bitnami / Eclipse Che Integration — Making Developer Workflows Better

Making Developer Workflows Better A few months ago, we announced the availability of Eclipse Che in the Bitnami cloud application catalog, as well as our new Bitnami Development Containers.   Both had similar goals: to make it simpler for developers to get started with popular, but sometimes complex, development frameworks.  With Eclipse Che becoming an increasingly popular IDE for cloud-based and portable development, and Bitnami the leading source for open source application... Read more

September 13, 2016

MySQL Security Issue (CVE-2016-6662)

A critical vulnerability that affects all MySQL version branches was recently announced.   Affected versions are: MySQL <= 5.7.15                5.6.33                5.5.52 MySQL clones (MariaDB, PerconaDB...) are also affected. This issue allows attackers to inject malicious settings into a MySQL configuration locally and remotely. Both the authenticated access (network connection or web... Read more

September 12, 2016

Introducing the First of Bitnami's Multi-VM Applications

Bitnami's applications in the cloud are trusted by developers, small businesses, and enterprises around the world to run critical business functions. The key reason for this is our ability to deliver the most up-to-date and patched versions, consistently and quickly. These applications are also available in multiple different formats, such as virtual machine images, containers, and local installers, so you can run them anywhere.  As our customers environments grow in size and complex... Read more

August 29, 2016

Intel PGO Optimizations Lead to 20% Faster WordPress on AWS

Profile-guided Optimization (PGO) is a technique that improves the performance of applications. It requires profiling data, which is later passed to the compiler and can be obtained after a test run of the application. The profiling data contains information about code areas that are most frequently used, and by knowing these areas, the compiler is able to be more selective and specific in optimizing the application. Bitnami has been working with Intel on adding Profile-guided Optimizations ... Read more

August 18, 2016

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