Meet the Bitnami Team: Tom McCafferty

Tom enjoying one of his favorite hobbies  Meet one of the newest members of our team, Tom McCafferty, and learn why he choose to join the Bitnami Team as our VP of Marketing.  Why I joined Bitnami… I’ve spent the bulk of my career in product marketing which means I’ve spent a lot of time telling stories to customers, prospects, writers, industry analysts and partners (anyone who would listen) about companies, products and technology trends. And most of the time, if done well, the narr... Read more

June 21, 2017

Meet the Bitnami Team: Beltran Rueda

The Bitnami team is a diverse group of talented people distributed all over the world. Get to know them better through this series of blog posts. Beltran is the Engineering Manager for our internal and external Tools team, and works in our Seville office. A brief bio I am from a small town near Sevilla, Estepa, which you can see in the picture that includes my dog as well. I started using computers by accident. When I was 14 I won the football lotto. The money from the lotto wasn’... Read more

June 14, 2017

Now Available in Bitnami: SonarQube!

We are pleased to announce the release of SonarQube, the open source continuous code quality review suite used by enterprise development teams across the globe! SonarQube is able to deeply analyze code on multiple dimensions for over twenty of the most popular languages such as Java, C, and PHP. Combining static and dynamic analysis tools, SonarQube continuously monitors code along seven axes such as coding standards, potential bugs, code duplication, and complexity. It has built-in ... Read more

June 13, 2017

Meet the Bitnami Team: James Westby

The Bitnami team is a diverse group of talented people distributed all over the world. Get to know them better through this series of blog posts. James Westby is a Senior Engineer working remotely from Bristol, UK. James and his wife enjoying a vacation in Iceland A brief bio I am always keen to learn new things and I’ve been lucky that my career so far has allowed me to work in different areas of software. Most of my time was spent at Canonical where I started working on Ubuntu itsel... Read more

June 8, 2017

PostgreSQL supports for Bitnami Docker Redmine

We are thrilled to announce that the Bitnami Docker Redmine container has been recently released with support for PostgreSQL databases.  Selecting between MariaDB or PostgreSQL is now possible via the following environment variables: - REDMINE_DB_MYSQL - REDMINE_DB_POSTGRES You can use the following docker-compose.yml file to deploy our Bitnami Redmine container using a PostgreSQL database: version: '2' services:   postgresql:     image: 'bitnami/postgresql:latest'     volumes:       -... Read more

June 6, 2017

Security Release: Magento 2.1.7

The Magento project has released a new update that fixes several critical vulnerabilities. A few of the notable fixes include: APPSEC-1686: Remote Code Execution in the Admin panel APPSEC-1626: RCE in video upload APPSEC-1746: Zend Mail vulnerability - continued APPSEC-1565: Customer password hash exposed in admin APPSEC-1752: Stored XSS in admin panel APPSEC-1663: Mass actions do not follow ACL APPSEC-1661: UI controllers do not follow ACL APPSEC-1679: APIs vulnerable to CSRF APPSEC-155... Read more

June 1, 2017

Meet the Bitnami Team: Angus Lees

The Bitnami team is a diverse group of talented people distributed all over the world. Get to know them better through this series of blog posts. Angus Lee is one of our Senior Engineers who works remotely from Australia. A brief bio I have been lucky enough to spend my entire career working with Linux and Free Software (since 1995), and in a lot of ways Bitnami is a return to my early interests. From early university days running the Linux user group “installfests”, I have been a prou... Read more

June 1, 2017

Bitnami Announces Kubernetes Training Offerings

Bitnami now offers Kubernetes training programs. From publicly available sessions for individuals to customized courses for entire teams, we offer many different training options. These include in-person or virtual classes, and range from introductory to expert level curriculum. If you are interested in custom courses, our team would be happy to create curriculum based on your team’s needs. Bitnami’s Senior Director of Cloud Technology and lead trainer, Sebastien Goasguen, has several years... Read more

May 26, 2017

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