Run your favorite apps in the cloud.

Deploy and manage Bitnami stacks at the click of a button.

Includes advanced backup and monitoring tools.

Why choose Bitnami?

Bitnami makes it incredibly easy to run apps on nearly every major public cloud. Our Bitnami LaunchPad lets you launch over 100 apps on the public cloud provider of your choice in just a few clicks.

Why choose Bitnami Cloud Hosting?

Bitnami Cloud Hosting builds on the Bitnami LaunchPad to provide additional features including monitoring, automatic server backups, one-click server cloning and resizing and more. Bitnami Cloud Hosting is powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and supports all Amazon regions. You need an Amazon AWS account in order to use Bitnami Cloud Hosting.

Just getting started with the cloud?

Bitnami Cloud Hosting provides free 1-hour demo servers without the need to sign up for an Amazon AWS account. When you're ready to move to the next level, simply enter your AWS account details into the Bitnami Cloud Hosting console and launch the servers you need. (Amazon usage charges apply.)

You can get started for free today with our Developer Plan.

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