The Web-based UI for launching and managing applications on Kubernetes

Designed for Cluster Administrators and Operators

Deploy and manage trusted applications on your Kubernetes cluster from the Kubeapps dashboard.

Deploy trusted applications

Browse Helm charts from the tested and updated built-in catalog or add your custom private repository.

Manage Your Apps from a Single User Interface

Monitor, upgrade and delete applications installed in your Kubernetes cluster from the Kubeapps’ dashboard.

Kubeapps Management UI

Secure Access Based on RBAC

Control which users can access your applications, service catalog, service instances, and bindings, within a namespace with RBAC rules.

Install Kubeapps in your cluster in just a few minutes. Start deploying new applications to your Kubernetes cluster now!

Install Kubeapps


Kubeapps project page

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Get started now. Install the latest Kubeapps version and give it a try!