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Bugzilla is a "Defect Tracking System" or "Bug-Tracking System". Defect Tracking Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively. more

Categories: Bug Tracking
Technologies: MySQL, Perl, Apache
Licenses: MPL

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FreeSentral is a full IP PBX consisting of an IP PBX and a Web Graphical User Interface for easy configuration. more

Categories: Media sharing, Telephony
Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, Yate
Licenses: GPL, MPL



inoERP is an open source web based enterprise management system. It's built using open source technologies (PHP, MySQL, jQuery) and has a wide range of features suitable for running various kind of businesses. more

Categories: ERP
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP
Licenses: MPL

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Mifos X   

Mifos X is a free open technology platform for financial inclusion that provides the core functionality needed to deliver financial services. more

Categories: Accounting
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache
Licenses: MPL

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Mindquarry is an Open Source collaborative software platform for file sharing (documents, images, media files, etc. more

Categories: Collaboration
Technologies: Java, Perl
Licenses: MPL

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MMBase is a CMS application with strong multi-media features and advanced portal functionality. It is currently used by broadcasters, publishers, educational institutes, national and local governments. more

Categories: CMS
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache
Licenses: MPL



QueWeb is a Customer Relationship Management system designed to help companies manage the complete customer lifecycle, not just the acquisition stage. more

Categories: CRM
Technologies: Java
Licenses: MPL



SpagoBI is an Open Source Business Intelligence suite, belonging to the free/open source SpagoWorld initiative, founded and supported by Engineering Group. more

Categories: Business Intelligence
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat
Licenses: MPL


Issue tracking and project management never looked this good. Designed to be beautiful, powerful and friendly. more

Categories: Bug Tracking
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP
Licenses: MPL

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ZipTie is an open solution for Network Change and Configuration Management. Network administrators can use ZipTie to automatically discover the devices in their network and backup their configurations. more

Categories: Other Category
Technologies: Perl
Licenses: MPL