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The Bitnami Alfresco Community Stack provides a one-click install solution for Alfresco Community. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Alfresco Community server in the cloud.

Alfresco was founded in 2005 by John Newton who, many years earlier, cofounded Documentum, one of the pioneers of document management. Alfresco Community is an enterprise-ready, Java-based platform used for document management, records management, image management and more. Features include versioning, Lucene-powered search, federated servers, clustering, roles-based permissions and more. You’ll be in good company with Alfresco; other users include NASA, KLM, Merck and Ricoh.

Alfresco Features

Alfresco Community Edition provides a standards-compliant content repository. It includes granular access control, support for social networks, and an embedded workflow engine that integrates with business processes. federated servers, clustering, roles-based permissions and support for mobile clients. Other features (only available in the Enterprise Edition) include an integrated administration console, storage policies, clustering and additional database support.

Bitnami Alfresco Stack

The Bitnami Alfresco Stack is a one-click installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Alfresco and runtime dependencies. You can use it to deploy Alfresco Community Edition in the cloud, on your hosted server or on your local system, in mere minutes. Important advantages of the Bitnami Alfresco Stack are:

  • Simple: Our stack includes a ready-to-run deployment of Alfresco, together with key dependencies like Apache Tomcat, MySQL, ImageMagick and Java. There's no need to download or configure anything, you can start trying Alfresco immediately.
  • Relocatable: Our stack can be installed in any directory, so you get maximum flexibility. For example, you can have multiple versions of Alfresco running with different configurations to test or support different usage scenarios.
  • Secure: We update our Alfresco stack every time a new Alfresco version is released, ensuring you always have the latest security and bug fixes.
  • Free: Our stack is freely available under the Apache 2.0 license (individual components may have different licenses).

Alfresco Cloud Hosting with Bitnami

Alfresco is a sophisticated piece of software and installing and configuring it requires some time and effort. Although you can do this yourself, or pay an Alfresco hosting specialist to do it for you, a simpler approach is to combine the Bitnami Alfresco Stack with Bitnami's cloud hosting options. With this solution, you get all the efficiency and scalability of true cloud hosting, plus a one-click install process that automatically and instantly gives you a pre-configured, working Alfresco system.


  • Backups: You can back up your Alfresco content repository hourly, daily or weekly using browser-based tools. Backups can be easily restored, giving you maximum peace of mind and ensuring that you never lose important documents.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring: Bitnami's browser-based tools let you monitor your Alfresco server's performance and optimize it as needed.
  • Scalability: As adoptions of your Alfresco deployment increases in your organization, Bitnami lets you easily upgrade your cloud server to handle the increased load.

With Bitnami, you can launch your Alfresco instance in either the Amazon, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform clouds. Bitnami offers an easy-to-use Web management console for both Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google users. Find out more about Bitnami Cloud Hosting for AWS, the Bitnami Launchpad for Microsoft Azure and the Bitnami Launchpad for Google Cloud Platform.

Bitnami Alfresco Stack Usage

The Bitnami Alfresco Stack is ideal for enterprises looking for a standards-compliant repository for their documents and other content. Alfresco Community Edition can be used for the following:

  • Document management

    Store, manage and search large quantities of electronic documents in various formats (including images and videos).

  • Knowledge base

    Use Alfresco to create an enterprise-scale knowledge base, allowing individuals and teams to collaborate and share knowledge electronically.

  • Content-rich websites

    Alfresco provides tools for centralized Web content management and publishing, making it possible to create rich web experiences without losing flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What components are included with an installation?

See our complete and up-to-date read me document for the specific names and versions of all open source components included.

Is it safe?

We work hard to ensure that Bitnami is a trusted platform. We take extensive steps to ensure that every application Bitnami packages is free of malware. We package software that is distributed by each manufacturer, run our own checks, and update software immediately when we learn of a vulnerability. In addition, we take precaution to protect our own customer information and never sell or give away our customer records. Learn more on our Terms of Use.

What kind of support do you provide?

We offer a bunch of free resources for Bitnami users including:

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  1. Bitnami Alfresco Community 4

    Works as advertised

    by Dale Scott on

    No issues using running in VirtualBox on Windows. My procedure: 1) first create a new vm without storage, 2) copy the files from the Bitnami download into the vm directory in ~\My VirtualMachines, then 3) pick the vmdk file as a virtual hard drive in the VirtualBox settings for the vm.

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  2. Bitnami Alfresco Community 1

    one more software that simply does not wok

    by Hector Zendejas on

    I used Alfresco 4.2 for several years with no problems, but Alfresco 5.0.d log is full of message errors ... time to use other CMS.

    1 out of 2 people found this helpful.

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