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Ruby    Ruby stack link

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack development environment optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. more

Categories Developer Tools, Infrastructure
Technologies Ruby on Rails, SQLite, nginx, Varnish, Phusion Passenger, Apache, MariaDB, rbenv

Apache Solr    Apache Solr stack link

Apache Solr is an extremely powerful, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene. It is highly reliable and flexible, scalable, and designed to add value very quickly after launch. more

Categories Search, Infrastructure
Technologies Java, Apache
Licenses Apache

SonarQube(TM)    SonarQube(TM) stack link

SonarQube(TM) is an open source quality management platform that analyzes and measures code's technical quality. It enables developers to detect code issues, vulnerabilities, and bugs in early stages. more

Categories Code Review
Technologies ElasticSearch, Java, Apache, PostgreSQL
Licenses LGPL3

Subversion    Subversion stack link

Subversion enables globally distributed software development teams to efficiently version and share source code with low administrative overhead. more

Categories Version Control, Developer Tools
Technologies Subversion, Apache
Licenses Apache, BSD

SuiteCRM    SuiteCRM stack link

SuiteCRM is a completely open source, enterprise-grade Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. SuiteCRM is a fork of the popular SugarCRM application. more

Categories CRM
Technologies Apache, MySQL, PHP, MariaDB
Licenses AGPL3

Apache Tomcat    Apache Tomcat stack link

Apache Tomcat is an open-source web server designed to host and run Java-based web applications. It is a lightweight server with a good performance for applications running in production environments. more

Categories Application Server, Infrastructure
Technologies Java, Tomcat, JDBC, Apache, MariaDB

WildFly    WildFly stack link

Wildfly is a lightweight, open source application server, formerly known as JBoss, that implements the latest enterprise Java standards. more

Categories Infrastructure, Application Server
Technologies Apache, Java, JDBC, WildFly, MariaDB
Licenses LGPL21

WordPress    WordPress stack link

WordPress is the world's most popular blogging and content management platform. Powerful yet simple, everyone from students to global corporations use it to build beautiful, functional websites. more

Categories Blog, CMS
Technologies PHP, Varnish, Apache, MariaDB
Licenses GPL, Apache

WordPress Multisite    WordPress Multisite stack link

Wordpress is the world's most popular blogging and content management platform. With WordPress Multisite, conserve resources by managing multiple blogs and websites from the same server and interface. more

Categories Blog, CMS
Technologies MySQL, PHP, Varnish, Apache
Licenses GPL, Apache