Products in Phusion Passenger

Fat Free CRM    Bitnami stack

Fat Free CRM is an open source customer relationship management platform. It features group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, opportunity tracking, and is easily extendable. more

Categories CRM
Technologies Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Ruby, Apache, Phusion Passenger
Licenses AGPL3

Publify    Bitnami stack

Publify is a Ruby on Rails-based blogging platform. Features include custom templates, drag and drop plugins API, advanced SEO, XMLRPC API, spam protection, Ajax-based live search, and many others. more

Categories Blog
Technologies MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Licenses MIT, Apache

Redmine    Bitnami stack

Redmine is a popular open source project management and issue tracking platform that covers multiple projects and subprojects, each with its own set of users and tools, from the same place. more

Categories Bug Tracking, Project Management, Developer Tools
Technologies MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Licenses GPL, Apache
Redmine installer

Redmine+Agile    Bitnami stack

Redmine Agile plugin lets you manage your Agile projects and to apply best SCRUM or Kanban practices. more

Categories Bug Tracking, Developer Tools, Project Management
Technologies Apache, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger
No screenshot

Ruby    Bitnami stack

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack development environment optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. more

Categories Infrastructure
Technologies Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Subversion, SQLite, RVM, nginx, Varnish, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Rubystack screenshot

Spree    Bitnami stack

Spree is an e-commerce platform designed for ease of use. It includes support for product variants, inventory management, shipping, multiple payment gateways, and more. more

Categories e-Commerce
Technologies MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Licenses BSD, Apache
Spree installer

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