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November 16, 2015

Bitnami Launches New Stacksmith Beta and Google Container

Custom Docker File Creation Made Easy - Bitnami Launches New Stacksmith Beta and Google Container Registry Images at Dockercon Europe

BARCELONA, Spain - November 16, 2015 — Bitnami, a leading provider of ready-to-run server applications and development environments, today released Bitnami Stacksmith, a service that generates Dockerfiles for custom applications. Stacksmith relieves developers from having to build containerized applications from scratch by providing a set of high-quality, updated and curated application components used for both development and production within Docker. In addition to Stacksmith, Bitnami also released today new container images for common language runtimes in the Google Container Registry.

“We want to make development with containers easy and Bitnami’s new Stacksmith service is a great step in that direction. Google Container Registry is a fast, secure and cost effective way to store your containers. The combination of both services lets you declare your dependencies to generate Docker files from re-usable base images.” said Kit Merker, Product Manager, Google Container Registry.

The Stacksmith service translates high-level application requirements into a simple to understand Docker file. By adding application code to this Docker file applications and all its dependencies are captured into an easy-to-share, customizable Docker file and container image that fits with existing build and deployment tools. The Stacksmith service proactively notifies the developer when a component they’re shipping is updated; greatly reducing the time and effort required stay on top of changes including security fixes.

The Bitnami Stacksmith service:

  • Makes it easy to package web applications or services in a unique container image
  • Builds on top of Bitnami’s curated runtimes and components enabling development of new features more quickly and up-to-date with less effort
  • Sends notifications of security issues and out-of-date components straight to the users’ inbox
  • Creates custom container images in minutes, then lets you share them using a simple URL
  • Allows the developer to pick a favorite ready-to-run development environments including: Python, Java, PHP, Go, Ruby and Node
  • Layers on the web frameworks to kick-start projects including: Symfony for PHP and Express for Node
  • Speeds application needs, including specific version dependencies in a simple JSON file
  • Enables developers to choose between a declarative API or a web UI

“By using the Stacksmith service application developers can free themselves from worrying about framework dependencies and lower level Linux requirements; they can focus on building great software using their language of choice.” said Simon Bennett, Vice President of Products, Bitnami. “The goal of this beta is for the community to build as many different kinds of images as possible and to use Stacksmith in a way we never anticipated. We love to be surprised.”

At launch Stacksmith will support Ubuntu 14.04 and Google’s variant of Debian Wheezy.

To try Bitnami Stacksmith, go to:

To learn more, join the upcoming webinar about Stacksmith and Google Container Registry, go to:

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Kris Bondi

VP of Marketing, Bitnami