Products in C++

Firebird is a relational database offering many ANSI SQL standard features that runs on Linux, Windows, and a variety of ... more

Categories: Database
Technologies: C, C++
Licenses: Initial Developer's Public License Version 1.0



HylaFAX is an enterprise-class system for sending and receiving facsimiles as well as for sending alpha-numeric pages. The software is ... more

Categories: Fax Sending
Technologies: C++, awk
Licenses: Other License



Palo-Server is a cell-oriented, multi-dimensional data server offering a more compact storage system than other data servers. The system is ... more

Categories: Other Category
Technologies: C++
Licenses: GPL


Pandora FMS is a monitoring Open Source software. It watches your systems and applications, and allows you to know the ... more

Categories: Infrastructure, monitoring
Technologies: C++, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, VBS
Licenses: GPL v2



PostBooks is a full-featured, fully-integrated accounting, ERP, and CRM system, based on the award winning OpenMFG ERP Suite. Built with ... more

Categories: CRM, ERP
Technologies: C++, Qt framework, JavaScript, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL
Licenses: Common Public Attribution License 1.0 (CPAL)