Products in MongoDB

DreamFactory is a free open source REST API platform. It instantly turns any database into a comprehensive palette of REST APIs that developers can use to build modern mobile, web, and IoT applications. more

Categories: Developer Tools, Mobile Development, Middleware
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP, MongoDB
Licenses: Apache2

Dreamfactory dashboard

Open edX    Bitnami stack

Open edX is a platform for large-scale digital course delivery. Conceived by nonprofit online learning destination edX, it provides a range of authoring tools to let educators build vibrant online learning communities. more

Categories: eLearning, Collaboration
Technologies: Django, MongoDB, Python, Ruby, Apache, Memcached, MySQL
Licenses: AGPL3

Edx sample

Let's Chat    Bitnami stack

Let's Chat is a persistent messaging application that runs on Node.js and MongoDB. It's designed to be easily deployable and fits well with small, intimate teams. more

Categories: Chat, Collaboration, Social Networking
Technologies: node.js, Python, MongoDB
Licenses: MIT


MEAN    Bitnami stack

Bitnami MEAN Stack provides a complete development environment for mongoDB and Node.js that can be deployed in one click. It includes the latest stable release of mongoDB, Express, Angular, Node. more

Categories: Infrastructure
Technologies: Git, MongoDB, node.js, PHP, Express, AngularJS, Apache
Licenses: Apache2

Mean console

MongoDB    Bitnami stack

MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database written in C++. more

Categories: Database, Infrastructure
Technologies: C++, MongoDB
Licenses: AGPL3

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Parse is a platform that enables users to add a scalable and powerful backend to launch a full-featured app for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Windows, Unity, and more. more

Categories: Developer Tools, Mobile Development, Middleware, Framework
Technologies: MongoDB, node.js, Python
Licenses: BSD

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Apache Allura is an open source implementation of a software forge, a web site that manages source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs, and more for any number of individual projects. more

Categories: Bug Tracking, Developer Tools, Wiki
Technologies: Apache, Git, MongoDB, Python
Licenses: Apache2

Allura tickets


Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics and push notifications platform. more

Categories: Analytics
Technologies: MongoDB, nginx, node.js
Licenses: AGPL3

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A website and user system for Node.js. What you build with Drywall is more important than Drywall. more

Categories: Website, User System
Technologies: MongoDB, node.js
Licenses: MIT



Errbit is a tool for collecting and managing errors from other applications. more

Categories: Developer Tools
Technologies: Apache, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails
Licenses: MIT

Errbit 1


Graylog is a fully integrated platform for collecting, indexing, and analyzing both structured and unstructured data from almost any source. more

Categories: Log Management
Technologies: Apache, ElasticSearch, Java, MongoDB
Licenses: GPL3



The open source framework for developing database-driven websites, applications and APIs in Node.js. more

Categories: Blog, CMS
Technologies: Express, MongoDB, node.js
Licenses: MIT

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Learning Locker is the open source Learning Record Store (LRS) for tracking learning data. Compatible with Moodle, it is a great way for learners to keep their learning data. more

Categories: eLearning
Technologies: Apache, MongoDB, PHP
Licenses: GPL3

Learninglocker screenshot

LocomotiveCMS is designed to save your time and help you focus on what matters: front-end technology, standard development process and no learning time for your client. more

Technologies: Apache, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails
Licenses: MIT



Loowid (Look what I'm doing) is a web application that allows you to connect with other users and share audio, video, screen and files without any plugin using WebRTC technology. more

Categories: Communication Suite
Technologies: Git, MongoDB, node.js
Licenses: MIT

Screen shot 2015 02 02 at 21.32.18


Metabase is an easy-to-use business intelligence and analytics platform that also supports a SQL interface more

Categories: Analytics, Business Intelligence
Technologies: Java, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python
Licenses: AGPL3, GPL3

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NewsBlur is a personal news reader bringing people together to talk about the world. * Hides stories you don't want to read based on tags, keywords, authors, etc. more

Categories: News Aggregator
Technologies: Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Celery, Pymongo, Mongoengine
Licenses: MIT



NodeBB is a next-generation discussion platform that utilizes web sockets for instant interactions and real-time notifications. more

Categories: Forum
Technologies: MongoDB, node.js
Licenses: GPL3

Nodebb screen


Full featured online publishing and CMS for Node.js. PencilBlue was designed, from the ground up, to utilize a plugin system that can modify and extend even the platform's core functionality. more

Categories: CMS
Technologies: node.js, MongoDB
Licenses: GPL3

Pencilblue 8

Have your own web chat. Developed with, the Rocket.Chat is a solution for developers looking forward to build and evolve their own chat platform. more

Categories: Chat
Technologies: Apache, MongoDB, node.js
Licenses: MIT

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ShareLaTeX is an online real-time collaborative LaTeX editor, and you can now run your own local version where you can host, edit, collaborate in real-time, and compile your LaTeX documents. more

Categories: Online Editor
Technologies: MongoDB, node.js, Redis, Grunt, TexLive
Licenses: AGPL3



Telescope is an open-source, real-time social news site built with Meteor. It lets anyone build and customize their own Hacker News, Reddit, or Product Hunt. more

Categories: Forum
Technologies: MongoDB, NodeJS, Meteor
Licenses: MIT

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Wekan is an open-source and collaborative kanban board application to keep your things organized. more

Categories: Collaboration
Technologies: MongoDB, node.js
Licenses: MIT