Products in MongoDB

MEAN    MEAN stack link

MEAN is an open source software stack that provides a framework for creating dynamic websites and applications with ease. Its core components are MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. more

Categories Developer Tools, Infrastructure
Technologies Git, MongoDB, node.js, Express, AngularJS, Apache
Licenses Apache2

MongoDB(R)    MongoDB(R) stack link

MongoDB(R) is a relational open source NoSQL database. Easy to use, it stores data in JSON-like documents. Automated scalability and high-performance. Ideal for developing cloud native applications. more

Categories NoSQL, Database, Infrastructure
Technologies C++, MongoDB
Licenses Other License

MongoDB(R) Sharded    MongoDB(R) Sharded stack link

MongoDB(R) is an open source NoSQL database that uses JSON for data storage. MongoDB(TM) Sharded improves scalability and reliability for large datasets by distributing data across multiple machines. more

Categories NoSQL, Database, Infrastructure
Technologies MongoDB
Licenses AGPL3

Parse Server    Parse Server stack link

Parse is a platform that enables users to add a scalable and powerful backend to launch a full-featured app for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Windows, Unity, and more. more

Categories Developer Tools, Mobile Development, Middleware, Framework
Technologies MongoDB, node.js, Python
Licenses BSD