Products in GPL2

Discourse(R)    Discourse(R) stack link

Discourse is an open source discussion platform with built-in moderation and governance systems that let discussion communities protect themselves from bad actors even without official moderators. more

Categories Forum
Technologies PostgreSQL, Redis, Ruby on Rails, Apache
Licenses GPL2

Git    Git stack link

Git is an open source distributed version control system that can handle both small and large projects with speed and efficiency. more

Categories Version Control
Technologies Git
Licenses GPL2

MariaDB Galera    MariaDB Galera stack link

MariaDB Galera is a multi-primary database cluster solution for synchronous replication and high availability. more

Categories Database, Infrastructure
Technologies MariaDB
Licenses GPL2

OpenCart    OpenCart stack link

OpenCart is free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants. OpenCart provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online store. more

Categories e-Commerce
Technologies Apache, PHP, MariaDB
Licenses GPL2

Percona Server for MySQL    Percona Server for MySQL stack link

Percona Server for MySQL is an open-source replacement for MySQL. Its features include additional storage engines; scalability, encryption and compression options; and granular performance metrics. more

Categories Database, Infrastructure
Licenses GPL2

WordPress with NGINX    WordPress with NGINX stack link

WordPress with NGINX combines the most popular blogging application with the power of the NGINX web server. more

Categories Blog, CMS
Technologies nginx, PHP, MariaDB
Licenses GPL2