Going Serverless with Kubeless

In Google Container Engine (GKE)

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Serverless computing has given back loads of time and money to developers whose focus is to create new, popular and disruptive applications. Without serverless computing, developers would still be spending most of their time on infrastructure rather than building new features to improve their users' experience.

With the move to containers and increased market share for Kubernetes, Bitnami has wanted to stay one step ahead by providing a serverless tool that is also Kubernetes-native, ... Kubeless! Kubeless tackles the challenge of integrating cloud services through small logical units. When creating your new project or application on Kubernetes, Kubeless will allow you to focus on creating a great application with a lightweight and flexible infrastructure.

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  • The benefits of serverless computing on Kubernetes
  • How to link several cloud services together with small, lightweight pieces of code
  • How to install Kubeless into your GKE cluster
  • How to deploy Python and Node.js functions with a straightforward CLI call
  • An introduction to the Kubeless UI and how to write, update, delete, and deploy functions through it

About the Hosts

Mavian Ruiz

Mavian Ruiz / Bitnami

Mavian is the Partner Marketing Manager for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, CA

Sebastien Goasguen

Sebastien Goasguen / Bitnami

Sebastien Goasguen is the Senior Director of Cloud Technologies for Bitnami, based in Geneva, Switzerland