Deploying Applications on Kubernetes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic with Bitnami

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Why You Should Watch

As Kubernetes continues to lead the container orchestration market, Bitnami strives to continue its mission to make software easier and awesome. That includes making the, sometimes stressful, transition to Kubernetes and containers as simple as possible for the open source community.

In this webinar, Sebastien Goasguen, Bitnami's Director of Cloud Technologies and author of the O'Reilly Docker Cookbook, will teach the basic concepts of the Kubernetes platform while showcasing the benefits of setting up your environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic. In addition, Goasguen will introduce the tools you will need in order to optimize for the easiest and most efficient Kubernetes transition.

Register now to watch and learn:

  • How to start up a Kubernetes cluster with Minikube
  • How to scale an application on Kubernetes
  • Advanced application packaging and deployment with Helm and Helm Charts
  • How to search for trusted and secure Helm Charts within a repository using Monocular
  • Kubeless: The only serverless paradigm on Kubernetes today
  • ... all on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic!

About the Hosts

Mavian Ruiz

Mavian Ruiz / Bitnami

Mavian is the Partner Marketing Manager for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, CA

Sebastien Goasguen

Sebastien Goasguen / Bitnami

Sebastien Goasguen is the Senior Director of Cloud Technologies for Bitnami, based in Geneva, Switzerland