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February 27, 2018

Bitnami Simplifies Cloud Migration with Stacksmith Service

New SaaS Offering Automates Enterprise Application Migration

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - February 27, 2018 — Bitnami, the leading provider of packaged applications for any platform, announced the availability of Bitnami Stacksmith, a tool that simplifies the migration of enterprise applications to the cloud by automating the manual tasks required to package, deploy and maintain software stacks for leading container and cloud platforms.

Bitnami is known for its automated end to end process of packaging and maintaining software for any platform. It publishes a catalog of over 120 open source applications and development stacks which get deployed over 1 million times a month across all platforms including leading cloud vendors like Amazon, Azure, Google and Oracle. Now, for the first time with Stacksmith, enterprises can leverage this powerful application automation technology and tooling to replatform their own applications from the datacenter to the cloud. With this simple SaaS solution, enterprise developers and operations teams now have a single tool to migrate and maintain custom in-house applications.

Stacksmith is designed to deliver a complete application migration experience for enterprises, in support of data center consolidation and digital transformation initiatives. It takes a running application in the traditional datacenter, repackages it, and delivers a running application in the public or private cloud. This is a significant departure from many other solutions in the market that simply build a container or virtual machine, or require teams of consultants.

“As a company that is 100% focused on packaging applications and has been building our internal automation and tooling around this for years, we felt that the maturity of our solution and the increasing enterprise demand to migrate internal applications aligns perfectly” said Daniel Lopez, CEO. “Bitnami’s deep expertise in packaging and maintaining cloud applications for a click-to-deploy experience allows us to automate far beyond just repackaging an application. It lets us also apply the platform specific logic, templating and components needed to deliver a repackaged application that is optimized and ready-to-deploy.”

The core features of Stacksmith are:


  • Not just one component of a toolchain, Stacksmith is a complete end-to-end replatforming solution
  • Input your code, Click to package, Click to deploy
  • Templates bring in platform specific dependencies and encode best practices


  • Creates VMs or Containers or both
  • Creates ready to use yet editable deployment templates (Cloudformation / Helm Chart)


  • Choose your targets (AWS, Kubernetes, VMware) and click to deploy


  • Continuous monitoring for updates and security vulnerability patches
  • Complete visibility of components and version numbers
  • Simple click to re-build process to update at any time

Stacksmith is designed for businesses interested in expanding their digital transformation and modernization initiatives with a realistic approach. Stacksmith removes the complexity of application packaging, and provides the platform-specific know-how and best practices that simplify the process. It enables even those with limited cloud experience to migrate applications successfully - and gain experience along the way. It also lets enterprises realize many of the cloud native benefits of the target platform, without requiring an application’s source code to be edited or re-written as cloud native.

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Bitnami is the leading provider of packaged applications for any platform. The Bitnami application automation platform delivers and maintains a catalog of ready-to-run server applications and development environments in partnership with the world’s leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Deutsche Telekom and more. That same application automation platform that drives over 1 million deployments per month is also available to Enterprise developers looking to streamline their software development processes. Based in San Francisco CA, and with offices around the world, Bitnami is proud to be a rapidly growing self-funded company. For more information, visit , or follow us on Twitter (@Bitnami) and Facebook.