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Free open-source apps and developer stacks for 1&1 Cloud Platform

Bitnami-powered Cloud Applications for 1&1 Cloud Platform give you fully configured application and development stacks to run on your 1&1 account in minutes.

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Receive a $50 Credit when you sign up with 1&1!

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About the 1&1 Cloud Platform

    No matter what your demands on a cloud infrastructure are, with the 1&1 Cloud Platform you'll benefit from all its advantages:

  • All-inclusive
    Unlimited traffic without throttling, 24/7 expert support and many product components (API, SAN storage, load balancing, etc.) are included and free of charge.
  • Performance
    Built of enterprise components and with 100% SSD storage, we guarantee the best performance for your deployments and applications running.
  • Full flexibility
    You can instantly resize, shut down or clone your VM and monitor your setting changes at any time.
  • Pay-per-use
    Pay only for what you really use with billing by the minute according to your selected VM configuration and status.

1&1 is a leading global internet service provider more than 20 years of experience in the hosting business.

About Bitnami applications and stacks

  • Huge selection
    Bitnami packages the most popular open source apps and development environments — 140+ and growing.
  • Up to date
    Bitnami monitors all of the apps and components it packages and releases updates once they become available, providing an up-to-date production-ready version of each application or stack.
  • Fully configured
    Bitnami cloud images are fully integrated and configured and ready-to-run. After clicking the "launch" button, you'll be up and running in minutes.
  • Free of charge
    Bitnami cloud images are made available at no additional cost. In other words, you only pay for the 1&1 Cloud Platform resources that you use to run the apps.
  • Consistent
    All apps and dev environments are packaged and configured consistently across operating systems and deployment platforms.
  • Run in hybrid deployments
    The Bitnami Launchpad can launch apps for public-facing, Internet-accessible use or internal, private network use.

For more information on how Bitnami works, please visit the About Bitnami page.

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