• "Bitnami has flattened the learning curve when it comes to hosting applications in the cloud. Point and Click deployment, reliable backups, and easy to use management tools are making it much easier for us to deploy and manage our product. We save time, money, so we can focus our development team on making our product better for the customer instead of manually managing and deploying instances. Bitnami has been a great partner, actively listening and responding to our needs as a customer. Their support is simply outstanding, attentive, timely, and vested in fixing any issues we encounter. Promethius Consulting is a very happy Bitnami customer, join us!"

    — Aaron Toops, Vice President, Operations, Promethius Consulting
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  • Honeywell
  • Siemens
  • Promethius
  • Booz
  • Massmutual

I love the Bitnami guys. They make it dead simple for anybody to run an application in the cloud.

— Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon VP & CTO
  • "Bitnami allows me to respond rapidly to our needs for development and short-term project servers. For example, creating a server on the fly for a new blog, or juggling multiple development sites. Bitnami servers offer secure production-ready default configurations, easy backups, and the ability to turn servers on and off on the fly. This is exactly what I need to do my job without getting bogged down in server management and administration.

    Bitnami has become a key component of our 'flexible cloud' strategy. It gives us the ability to create and manage multiple small servers far more effectively than if I were using physical servers or self-hosted VMs."

    — Dan Bashaw, Web Developer Brescia University College.
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  • "I came across Bitnami a year ago at a time when I had never written a program longer than 10 lines. The cloud stacks were so empowering that over the course of the last year I have written a system with thousands of lines of code that does something pretty cool (enter a search term, build an ebook and deploy it to the store within 60 secs)."

    — Fred Zimmerman, Founder, Nimble Combinatorial Publishing
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  • "Bitnami is by far the best solution that we have worked with. The cost-to-benefit ratio is very high: AMIs (we work using Amazon EC2 and S3) are amazingly simple to setup, run, backup, remove, restore from a backup and keep up with. Disaster recovery, experimentation, learning by trial and error is a pleasure with Bitnami: you CAN fail, and NOTHING happens. Documentation is also good: you will always have the forums and up-to-date blogs in case of need. Plus, they keep up to date with the pace of development at Amazon, incorporating their releases as soon as they become relevant to the Bitnami ecosystem. We run www.mediainternet.com using Bitnami, plus poolami.com, cuevaza.com (Drupal CMS) and all our Joomla demos demo1.cuevaza.com demo2.cuevaza.com demo3.cuevaza.com. Needless to say, I'm a fan and recommend it."

    — Charlie Deane, President, Media Internet
  • "Bitnami's Cloud Hosting lets us replicate, test, and go live with our entire web server stack on EC2 in an evening. The service streamlines the entire setup process, and that lets us try out alternative configurations quickly and safely. The automated backup scheduling not only saved us on a few occasions, but provides some peace of mind with its reliability and ease of management. I signed up for free so that I could quickly instantiate a few micro EC2 instances running Bitnami's stacks, but I've stuck with the platform and upgraded to the paid service level because its ease of use, reliability, and features save me time every day.

    I'd tried a few alternatives. Some, like TurnKey Linux, proved too disjointed, making it troublesome to find what I needed. Others, like RightScale, are really targeting large enterprise sales. I found Bitnami's service to provide the most streamlined setup process, greatest ease of use, and fairly priced scalability and features. I'd say it's one of the best all around solutions for the majority of general use cases.

    Bitnami's cloud hosting is transparent enough that I can see that it doesn't do too much on EC2 that I couldn't do myself using Bitnami's AMIs and a terminal. Still, it saves me time and a few headaches every month, so it's certainly been worth the cost. I'm glad to be able to be on a platform that's relatively open. "

    — Brett Lyman, MassMutual Financial Group
  • "Despite having a team of experienced developers, we wasted hours trying to set up our first virtual machine in Amazon's EC2. Then, we found Bitnami- we had a cloud-based LAMP stack set up in a fraction of the time. Bitnami allows smaller agencies like ours play in the same league as the big guys without a huge technology investment. 10 out of 10 in my book."

    — Ryan Vickerman, Principal, Seed Creative, Seed Creative
  • "Bitnami Cloud Hosting allowed us to spin up fully provisioned servers in seconds, each with the precise configuration we need. It gets us out of the server management business and lets us instead focus on continuing to improve our fast-growing, news aggregation sites. We're extremely happy with Bitnami and it's letting us scale our BadBlue News Service properties quickly and efficiently. We owe our success, in part, to Bitnami... because it let's us concentrate our energies on our news-gathering algorithms, not the plumbing."

    — Brandt Ross, COO, BadBlue
  • "Bitnami has provided us with a fantastic springboard into a wealth of new technologies and cloud services, making it possible for us to quickly fire up new, sometimes complex, technology stacks for experimentation, evaluation and demonstration. The easy setup and flexible installation options mean that we spend less time grinding through complicated nitty-gritty details, and more time focusing on solutions for our clients."

    — James Ford, Founder, Psyked
  • "The Bitnami stacks are fantastic, as I use them for hosting a variety of applications. Bitnami Cloud Hosting makes it easy to manage them. I use the Redmine stack and the LAMP stacks to build applications - these save countless hours of work for us. Setup and configuration take very little time that can be devoted to more important issues! I needed to setup a survey server quickly, and used the Bitnami LAMP stack, and then took 5 minutes to install LimeSurvey - now I have an easy to conduct surveys at the school."

    — Rich Huebner, Computer Science Faculty, Norwich University
  • "Proof of concept and time to market are essential elements in business execution. Iterative development requires quick deployments, client feedback and immediate refinements. Bitnami Cloud Hosting helps us create a working prototype in a development environment and then get in front of a client quickly and cheaply. Whether the task at hand is a straightforward WordPress site or custom web development, Bitnami allows the SparkPop team to move ahead rapidly with delivering client value, without getting bogged down with the overhead costs of server management, application setup and deployment."

    — Craig Griffin, Technical Director, SparkPop Studio
  • "Bitnami allows me to respond rapidly to our needs for development and production servers. I can create a server on the fly for a new e-learning client, or juggle multiple learning and testing sites easily. Bitnami's production-ready default configurations give me the ability to turn servers on and off without getting bogged down in server management and administration. This is exactly what I need to service my clients."

    — Brendan Nagle, Founder and CEO, TLG Inc.
  • "Bitnami abstracts technical details, saves me time and allows me to focus on developing and sharing solutions and ideas. I apply more time on core competencies and less on supporting activities. Bitnami accelerates time to value!"

    — Sam Chance, Principle Technology Consultant, Inovex Information Systems, Inc.
  • "Our company was hesitant on starting using Amazon cloud computing solutions. We were sure that at some point, a simple, quick and hassle free solution was going to be available. Then we found Bitnami Cloud Hosting and our first server setup took less than 10 minutes. Great solution and great service too."

    — Jorge Ledezma, Founder, Zoada Digital Marketing
  • "Black Rocket's network of future game designers, robot builders, filmmakers, cyber sleuths, animators, and 3D designers need a reliable set of servers to keep the teachers and students connected. Bitnami provides 100% support to make sure that we are always ready for whatever cool concept our students think of next!"

    — Michael Jubina, Director of Technology, Black Rocket Productions LLC.
  • "We found that Bitnami has been more than reliable and easy to maintain which results in happy clients and happy developers. Bitnami has found a place in our overall infrastructure."

    — Joshua Canfield, President & Developer, Code Clarity
  • "I am using Bitnami images both for production websites, and for hands-on exercises in my courses on cloud computing. They are unsurpassed in ease of use."

    — Peter van Eijk, Club Cloud Computing
  • "We're using the Bitnami Cloud hosting to host our company's website and webstore. The process of the server configuration was really easy and understandable. Moreover, when we had the problem with the server that blocks purchase service on our website, Bitnami support team solves the problem very fast. I would also like to note about Bitnami Dashboard that allows to manage servers in very convenient way using a well designed user interface."

    — Oleksandr Shkliaiev, President & CEO, DigiArea, Inc.
  • "We were evaluating a change to our website: a major overhaul. There were 3 options on our plate viz WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Our aim was to reduce the timeframe to select the platform. Clearly installing each of them individually and testing out each of them was not only cumbersome it would have taken more time and resources out of our already busy schedules. This is where Bitnami came in handy and was very helpful. On our Amazon instances we ran our web applications from Bitnami and were able to reduce time and effort to great extent."

    — Shrihari Prabhakar, IT & Ops., Beyond Technologies
  • "Using Bitnami, we easily and effectively tested a number open source solutions. We could have used Amazon directly, but the preconfigured systems from Bitnami and the intelligent deployment wizard just made it simpler and faster. We recommend Bitnami to anyone!"

    — Carsten Eliot, Chief Technical Officer, HousingInteractive
  • "Bitnami has helped my company deploy server technologies with ease. Bitnami stacks make the deployment process so much easier. In addition, Bitnami offers so many deployment options that finding the perfect stack is a piece of cake. I would definitely recommend Bitnami's cloud services to everyone who needs a quick deployment option that allows them to spend more time on customers than going through the confusing process of setting up a server without Bitnami. Thank you, Bitnami!"

    — Sanil Chawla, Executive Director, Hack+
  • "I use Bitnami Cloud Hosting to host several applications arranged to make up a Volunteer Community Portal suite. Bitnami have abstracted the essential elements needed for successful cloud hosting. If you need to host secure applications in the cloud, without any fuss, then Bitnami provides that for you."

    — Peter Winter, The Special Glasses