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Bitnami partners with leading cloud platform providers to ensure an exceptional experience for users running applications in the cloud. With Bitnami, users are assured that cloud images are always production ready, easy to launch, fully integrated, pre-configured and optimized for their desired cloud platform.

Platinum Partners

Become a Bitnami Cloud Platform Partner

For cloud platform providers, partnering with Bitnami is the ideal way to:

Increase consumption

Bitnami has proven the ability to increase compute hours for our cloud platform partners due to our ability to deliver:

  • More users: By removing complexities associated with deploying applications in the cloud and by providing more applications for users to run. Bitnami also helps to drive new users to our cloud partner's platforms. We connect the millions of Bitnami users who are increasingly deploying applications in the cloud to our cloud platform partners to ensure a seamless transition.

  • More consumption per user: By enabling a higher success rate for new deployments and by attracting more business users, who tend to run applications for longer periods of time on bigger servers.

  • More use cases: By making it much easier for users to evaluate, develop and test applications in the cloud.

Deliver an exceptional user experience

With Bitnami, users can begin running applications and stacks in the cloud in minutes. Bitnami cloud images are:

  • Free for users
  • Fast and easy to run
  • Always the latest production-ready version
  • Pre-configured and optimized for your cloud environment
  • Easily ported from local server or virtual environments to your cloud platform

Bitnami makes it significantly easier for users to get up and running on your cloud platform. No longer do users need to research version numbers and related dependencies, integrate and configure components, and optimize settings. Bitnami images are fully tested and proven to work in cloud environments, allowing users to begin running their preferred open source applications and stacks in your cloud platform in only a few clicks.

Enable a vibrant ecosystem

Let's face it. Convincing software vendors to invest engineering resources to create and support cloud images for multiple cloud platforms can be a tricky sell. Fortunately, this is one of the problems that Bitnami solves for our cloud partners.

Not only does Bitnami provide cloud-ready images of 130+ popular applications and developer stacks, we regularly add new open source and commercial options to our library. Want to add new ISVs to your cloud portfolio? Simply connect them with Bitnami and let us take care of the rest. The Bitnami Software Partner program was created to help ISVs expand the addressable market for their applications by making it easier to run their applications in the cloud and everywhere else.

Bitnami also helps to attract developers to our partner's cloud platforms by making it much easier to develop and test applications in the cloud. In minutes, users can launch complete, standardized development stacks and tool sets for a single developer or a complete development team.

Supercharge your marketplace

Bitnami is the leading provider of cloud-ready images to many of the industry's leading marketplaces, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and VMware.

When we partner with cloud providers we ensure that every image is ported tested and optimized for your cloud platform. It means providing your users with instant access to a rapidly growing library of ready-to-run images for 130+ popular applications such as Alfresco, Drupal, Ghost, Joomla, Liferay, Magento, Moodle, Redmine, SugarCRM, JasperReports and WordPress and popular developer tools and stacks such as Apache Solr, JBoss AS, Django, Gitlab, Jenkins, LAMP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Tomcat.

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