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    Super-Simple On-Premise Deployment

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    More, Newer, Different Customers

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    Improved Cloud Capabilities

Super-Simple On-Premise Deployment

Lowers the barrier for more new users to move from initial interest through to successful install

Fully optimized deployment + fantastic first user experience = higher conversion from trial to customer

Less overhead for you in supporting dependencies on multiple platforms

A solution to delight potential customers who will not consider SaaS

More, Newer, Different Customers

Reach millions of new potential users in the Bitnami app store

Be noticed alongside industry-leading applications across multiple categories

Super-simple deployment to extend your market to new users such as "Shadow IT"

Communicate your application to our massive subscriber base

Improved Cloud Capabilities

Machine images for your customers to easily deploy your app on the cloud

All the leading cloud platforms supported so your customers can stay flexible - now and in the future

Single-click launcher gives users a fully configured server for a trial on the cloud within minutes

We take care of cloud compatibility, updates and fixes - so you don't have to

How Does it Work?

Bitnami deployment packages install your application plus all its dependencies and will pre- configure and optimize for each deployment environment....all in a matter of minutes.

Bitnami will produce deployment packages for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, plus cloud images for deployments to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We'll also produce VMDKs for use with VMware and VirtualBox.

We'll build a listing for your application on the Bitnami marketplace where users can download packages for on-premise deployment, or click to deploy on the cloud platform of their choice.

Bitnami will also produce a single-click launcher that creates a server in the cloud and launches your application for new users to test-drive.

Bitnami will help you communicate and promote your application to our massive subscriber base.

Bitnami will keep the deployment packages updated with your new releases, and will provide fixes for security issues and vulnerabilities.


We couldn't be more pleased to partner with the world's leading cloud-based app store for developers to simplify and accelerate the DreamFactory install and launch process. Now millions of developers can more easily build, test and deploy rich enterprise mobile applications.

- Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO, DreamFactory

Bitnami Software Partners include

  • Liferay
  • DreamFactory
  • eXo
  • Precurio
  • JetBrains
  • ProcesMaker

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