Maximize the business potential of your server software.

Bitnami makes your software ready-to-deploy for production in the cloud and on containers.

Benefits Across Your Entire Organization

Bitnami's software packaging technology makes your software available to your customers on the widest range of platforms — from single and multi-tier images in the major public clouds to containers, local VM's, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows native installers. Bitnami Software Partners realize benefits across their entire organization:

Your Customers


Your customers will love the flexibility of being able to quickly install your software wherever they choose. And with timely security patches and re-packaging of new releases, they will have peace of mind that they're getting the latest, most secure version of your software.



With Bitnami taking care of the packaging and delivery of all deployments (from development to production), your engineering team can focus on what they do best: building your product.



First impressions count. Bitnami gives your sales team the ability to entice and qualify new customers by provisioning a time-limited demo in the cloud within minutes — for free. We can also enable a fully configured Proof-of-Concept for effective pre-sales.



With your application ready to deploy in minutes across a wide variety of platforms, your marketing team will have the ability to reach new customers in markets that were previously inaccessible.

How does our software partner program work?

The partnership conversation begins with a discussion of how and where your users want to deploy your application, and an evaluation of your software's compatibility with the Bitnami toolchain. Once we decide to move forward, Bitnami will package a first-cut of your app's installers, virtual machines, and cloud images for testing. Finally, we will release your application for the first time across all platforms. Bitnami Software Partners Process

Following the initial release, any updates to your core application, updates to the underlying components it depends on, or security vulnerabilities, will trigger Bitnami to create new packages for your application across all platforms. This guarantees that your app stays up-to-date with tested compatibility and consistency across all platforms, including the major public clouds and containers.

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Why become a Bitnami Software Partner?

Today, users want to consume software in a wider range of formats and platforms than ever before, including in the cloud and on containers. To reach the maximum number of users, it is vital that commercial software vendors build and deliver their applications so they are:

Packaged consistently.

Packaged consistently for each major cloud service provider, in addition to new technologies such as containers.

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy in a production environment.

Secure and up-to-date

Secure and up-to-date.

This is where Bitnami steps in. Bitnami gives your users a fast, click-to-deploy experience for your software on the widest range of platforms.

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