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The Bitnami Backendless Pro Stack provides a one-click install solution for Backendless Pro. Download installers and virtual machines, or run your own Backendless Pro server in the cloud.

Backendless Pro is a private, self-managed, functionally unlimited installation of the Backendless Platform running on your computer, in your datacenter or a cloud environment. The Backendless Platform is a powerful system enabling rapid development of mobile, desktop, and browser-based applications. The platform consists of an API Management suite and a mobile backend services (mBaaS) system. The API generation and management system can create REST and native APIs from the code deployed into Backendless. Platform’s services can be consumed via easy-to-use APIs packaged into native SDKs available for Android, iOS, JavaScript, PHP and .NET environments.

A Backendless Pro installation must be licensed. Special discounts offered to pre-revenue, non-funded startups with less than 3 employees. Without a license key, the product runs for two hours after a restart in a single-threaded mode. Trial licenses are available and can be requested using the License Request Form. To learn more about Backendless Pro, visit the Backendless Pro Website.

More on Backendless Pro

Backendless Pro is a highly scalable, secure, extensible mobile backend platform. It combines functions of API management for custom micro-services with the power of built-in APIs designed to accelerate application development.

Developers using Backendless can focus solely on user experience implementation and the client-side of the business logic of their applications without worrying about or spending any time on the infrastructure and the server-side tasks. Without any server-side coding, developers can implement app functions such as user registration and login, data persistence (ORM), push notifications, geo location and geo fencing, and publish subscribe messaging.

Absolutely all default server-side behavior can be modified or extended with custom business logic.

Key features of Backendless Pro include

  • Combine multiple Backendless Pro servers into clusters.
  • Integrate with Amazon RDS, ELB, EFS and ElasticCache.
  • Integration with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL (via Backendless Marketplace)
  • Unlimited request/second throughput.
  • Unlimited push notifications.
  • Client-side debugging of custom server code.
  • Code generation.

Why use the Bitnami Backendless Pro Stack?

Bitnami makes it easy to run Backendless Pro in the cloud, locally or virtually. The Bitnami Backendless Pro Stack is:

  • Up-to-date

    We track every release of Backendless Pro and update our stack shortly after it's released.

  • Secure

    If serious security issues are discovered, we provide new versions of Backendless Pro as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

  • Consistent

    With Bitnami, you get the same software stack and configuration regardless of where you are deploying Backendless Pro or other Bitnami Applications. This makes it easy to migrate between different platforms.

  • Free to try

    Backendless Pro is a commercial application. The Bitnami Backendless Pro Stack package provides a free trial of Backendless Pro specifically for use in a self hosted and managed environment.

With the Bitnami Backendless Pro Stack compiling, configuring and all of its dependencies are taken care of, so it works out-of-the-box.

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  1. Bitnami Backendless Pro 5

    Awsome on mac but windows GUI has a problem

    by Mousa Najafi on

    I installed mac and windows versions. The GUI on mac is perfect but windows version on retina displays is not visible well and should be fixed in next updates.

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