Cloud Migrations at Speed and Scale

Systems Integrators deliver more efficiently with Bitnami's customized images and toolkit

Bitnami Accelerates Every Stage of the Cloud Migration Journey

Fast Pilots

Fast pilots

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration

Feature Development

Feature development

Cloud Native

Cloud native

Fast pilots white Lightning Fast Pilots

Quickly build a proof of concept, locally or in the cloud, using Bitnami assets
Share proofs of concept; customers can access a running PoC from anywhere
Customize the PoC with the customer's configuration and code to demonstrate technical capability and prove the concept

Cloud migration white Migrate to the Cloud

Use Bitnami's multi-tier templates to deploy production-ready apps and development stacks in your customer's cloud of choice
Bitnami cloud images can be customized to fit your customer's comfort and familiarity with modern devops tools and processes
Templates can integrate managed cloud services such as load balancing, DBaaS, and CDNs to take advantage of cloud features like high-availability and failover support

Feature development white Seamlessly Develop New Features

Bitnami provides effortless parity between development and production environments, even across different platforms
Development environments are easily reproduced and shared - developers can focus on coding, knowing that features created in a Bitnami development environment will just work in production
Pushing code to production is simple - just stop the server, update your code, and restart the server and you know it will work

Cloud native white Make it Cloud Native

Use our toolchain to offer your customers a complete, end-to-end build system for all of their server software that is truly cloud-native
Automatically bake, test, and deploy changes without the disruptive downtime for your customer's critical applications
Bitnami's toolchain enables you to deliver benefits such as high availability, self-healing infrastructure, and increased security and efficiency

Bitnami Solutions Work Where Your Customers Work

Over 140 Open Source Cloud solutions on all the major clouds


Single tier

Solutions for lightning-fast, predictable pilots


Multi tier

Solutions templates for production deployments


Container solutions with the same components and topology as the multi-tier VMs

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