Currently, the following operating systems are supported: Windows, Linux and OS X. You can download the installer for your platform below

  Windows Linux 64-bit OS X 64-bit
Cloud Tools for AWS 1.10-1 Download Download (171 MB) checksum
MD5: 6dd1bddc3c174a12093692cadae7c749
SHA1: 22908810529a793768e7ccc7a5701937a994a7dc
Download Download (168 MB) checksum
MD5: fa08496d5d72ee25f846505d409c0d39
SHA1: 9056ff374af5a1b6f93c160a109320c6a0e783d1
Download Download (160 MB) checksum
MD5: 2bb740563758e85f42584d516308bfbc
SHA1: 2a6f261aca5159bb7fe8d7d6a56f3339271e8803

Installation instructions

  • For Windows and OS X, just double click on the downloaded files
  • For Linux, you will need first to give the downloaded installer executable permissions:
    chmod +x bitnami-cloudtools-aws-1.10-1-osx-x86_64-installer.dmg
    Then you can double-click or invoke from the command line.

Bundled tools

Current release 2015-09-28

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