Currently, the following operating systems are supported: Windows, Linux and OS X. You can download the installer for your platform below

  Windows Linux * OS X OS X Solaris x86 Solaris SPARC Linux 64-bit OS X 64-bit Windows 64-bit
Cloud Tools for Google Cloud Platform 2.0-1 Download Download (47 MB) checksum
MD5: 404ea1013b948625cb95f92bada13759
SHA1: f1b090f3ca1b02d3a2c47f17f840f5bb2028f31e
Download Download (39 MB) checksum
MD5: 68eba1689df9f016ae329f9670d3cfb3
SHA1: 601eb72dece67bebc3bab6595bed671080581854
        Download Download (41 MB) checksum
MD5: 9fa58a3b02f0723168f9a57b168c4743
SHA1: 160ed87737e43b7836743acc7fac5fa58d88c64e
Download Download (40 MB) checksum
MD5: 806d3fe495bb092c3d8c4739e9c6d7d0
SHA1: 953b694deeb88c2a1732083757011ed5451739c8

* Linux 32-bit installers will be discontinued on July 31st 2016. The 64-bit installers are recommended for new installations.

Installation instructions

  • For Windows and OS X, just double click on the downloaded files
  • For Linux, you will need first to give the downloaded installer executable permissions:
    chmod +x
    Then you can double-click or invoke from the command line.

Bundled tools

Current release 2016-03-04

Google Cloud SDK Learn More

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