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Review Board is a web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way to handle code reviews. It scales well from small projects to large companies and offers a variety of tools to simplify code review. more

Categories: Code Review, Developer Tools
Technologies: Python, MySQL, Django, Git, Mercurial, Apache, Memcached
Licenses: MIT, Apache

Reviewboard dashboard

Review Board with Power Pack enables teams to enhance the Review Board experience with PDF document review, management reports, and integration with GitHub Enterprise and Team Foundation Server repositories. more

Categories: Code Review, Developer Tools, Document Management
Technologies: Apache, Git, Memcached, MySQL, Python, Subversion
Licenses: Trial

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Roundcube    Bitnami stack

RoundCube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface providing functionality like MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. more

Categories: Email
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Apache
Licenses: GPL3


Ruby    Bitnami stack

Bitnami Ruby Stack provides a complete development environment for Ruby on Rails that can be deployed in one click. It includes most popular components for building Rails applications. more

Categories: Infrastructure
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Subversion, SQLite, RVM, nginx, Varnish, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Licenses: MIT, Apache

Rubystack screenshot

SEO Panel    Bitnami stack

SEO Panel is open source SEO management software, with an automated dashboard that makes tracking SEO metrics on multiple websites simple. more

Categories: Analytics
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP
Licenses: GPL2

Seo panel screen

Sharelock    Bitnami stack

Sharelock is a server application that allows you to securely share sensitive information such as passwords and credentials. more

Categories: Password Management, Application Security
Technologies: Apache, node.js
Licenses: MIT

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Shopware    Bitnami stack

Shopware is an open source, PHP-based eCommerce platform that scales to meet the demands of any unique business requirements. more

Categories: e-Commerce, CMS
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP, ionCube
Licenses: AGPL3

Screen shot 2015 05 05 at 11.07.31 am

SilverStripe is an open source intuitive content management system and flexible framework. This combination provides both developers and content editors the tools to create innovative web projects. more

Categories: CMS, Framework
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache
Licenses: BSD


Simple Machines Forum is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes. more

Categories: Forum
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP
Licenses: BSD


Simple Invoices is a web-based invoicing system designed to get the job done with ease of use. Simple Invoices is open source, and community developed. more

Categories: Accounting
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP
Licenses: GPL3

Screen shot 2015 02 11 at 16.55.08

Sitecake    Bitnami stack

Sitecake is a simple, drag and drop CMS for fast editing. more

Categories: CMS
Technologies: Apache, PHP, MySQL
Licenses: GPL2

Sitecake cms

Apache Solr is an open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. It includes powerful full-text search, highlighting, dynamic clustering, rich document handling, and geospatial search, and more. more

Categories: Infrastructure, Search
Technologies: Java, Apache
Licenses: Apache

Solr installer

Spree    Bitnami stack

Spree is an e-commerce platform that was designed to make customization and upgrades as simple as possible. It includes support for product variants, inventory management, shipping, multiple payment gateways and more. more

Categories: e-Commerce
Technologies: MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Licenses: BSD, Apache

Spree installer

Squash    Bitnami stack

Squash is a collection of tools that help engineers find and kill bugs in their code by automatically collecting, collating and analyzing run time exceptions. more

Categories: Code Review
Technologies: Git, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, Apache
Licenses: Apache2

Squash 1

Subversion    Bitnami stack

Subversion enables globally distributed software development teams to efficiently version and share source code with low administrative overhead. more

Categories: Version Control, Developer Tools
Technologies: Subversion, Apache
Licenses: Apache, BSD

Subversion screenshot linux

SugarCRM    Bitnami stack

SugarCRM is a flexible customer relationship management solution that can easily be customized and integrated with other software. It includes sales force automation, marketing campaigns, support cases, and more. more

Categories: CRM
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache
Licenses: AGPL3


SuiteCRM    Bitnami stack

SuiteCRM is a completely open source enterprise-grade Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. SuiteCRM is a software fork of the popular customer relationship management (CRM) system SugarCRM. more

Categories: CRM
Technologies: Apache, MySQL, PHP
Licenses: AGPL3

Suitecrm dashboard

TestLink    Bitnami stack

TestLink is test management software that facilitates software quality assurance. It offers support for test cases, test suites, test plans, test projects and user management, as well as various reports and statistics. more

Categories: Testing, Developer Tools
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Apache
Licenses: GPL

Test link

Tiki is a full-featured, multilingual content management system and wiki platform. It can operate as a Geospatial Content Management System (GeoCMS) or Groupware web application. more

Categories: CMS, Collaboration, Wiki
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Smarty, Zend Framework, Apache
Licenses: LGPL21


Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible. more

Categories: News Aggregator
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Apache
Licenses: GPL

Site shot 5

Tomcat    Bitnami stack

Apache Tomcat implements the Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications from the Java Community Process. more

Categories: Infrastructure, Application Server
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat, JDBC, Apache
Licenses: Apache

Screenshot 5

Trac    Bitnami stack

Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. It provides interfaces to Subversion and Git, an integrated Wiki and convenient reporting facilities. more

Categories: Bug Tracking, Wiki, Developer Tools
Technologies: Python, SQLite, Apache
Licenses: BSD3


Tracks    Bitnami stack

Tracks is a to-do list application built around David Allen's Getting Things Done (tm) methodology. Users can highlight projects and tasks with notes and status updates. more

Categories: Planning
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Phusion Passenger, Apache
Licenses: GPL, Apache

Tracks home

TYPO3    Bitnami stack

TYPO3 is a CMS offering full flexibility and extendibility. It automatically creates navigational menus, headlines, and other dynamic graphical elements, automatic conversion and scaling of images. more

Categories: CMS
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Apache
Licenses: GPL2, GPL3

Typo3 1

WAMP    Bitnami stack

Bitnami WAMP Stack provides a complete PHP, MySQL and Apache development environment for Windows that can be launched in one click. It also bundles phpMyAdmin and more. more

Categories: Infrastructure
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Apache, phpMyAdmin, Smarty, Zend Framework, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP
Licenses: Apache

Wampstack screenshot

WAPP    Bitnami stack

Bitnami WAPP Stack provides a complete PHP, PostgreSQL and Apache development environment for Windows that can be launched in one click. It also bundles phpPgAdmin and more. more

Categories: Infrastructure
Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, Apache, Smarty, Zend Framework, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP
Licenses: Apache


Weblate    Bitnami stack

Weblate is a translation tool with tight Git integration. It features include a simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across subprojects, consistency checks and automatic linking to source files. more

Categories: Translation Tools
Technologies: Git, MySQL, Python, Django, Apache
Licenses: GPL3

Weblate bitnami installer

WebMail Pro PHP is an enterprise-grade webmail system. It offers a responsive, modern interface, broad compatibility with popular email systems and key features like message threading, thumbnail previews and encryption. more

Categories: Email, Developer Tools, Framework
Technologies: Apache, PHP, MariaDB

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WebPack    Bitnami stack

Bitnami WebPack provides a pre-configured, ready to run bundle of the most popular open source web applications: WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal. more

Categories: Blog, CMS, Bundles
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Apache
Licenses: Apache


WildFly    Bitnami stack

WildFly is a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime that implements the Java Enterprise Edition 7 Platform specifications. more

Categories: Infrastructure, Application Server
Technologies: Apache, Java, JDBC, MySQL, WildFly
Licenses: LGPL21

Wildfly screenthos